Aeroelastics and Loads Analysis

  • Model build
  • Flight loads and flutter analysis
  • Ground loads analysis
  • Flight and ground vibration test management and support
  • Model validation
  • Certification reporting


  • Structural design and modification of metallic and composite structures using CATIA V5 and SolidWorks
  • Stress hand calculations and load path analysis
  • Fatigue and damage tolerance

Control Systems

  • Identification of aircraft design requirements
  • Modeling of actuation systems
  • Control law design
  • Pilot controls
  • Aeroservoelastic model build
  • Stability & control and handling qualities


  • Aircraft aerodynamic, structural and loads models
  • Component loads on aerodynamic devices (flaps and slats) as well as actuation systems and landing gear
  • Aerodynamic model development and validation

Condition Monitoring

  • Visual representation of the modifications in essential factors in production
  • Accessible database that provides storage of past data
  • Event analysis and pattern recognition of essential variables
  • Future data point predictions

Industrial IoT

  • Capture and transmit a variety of data efficiently
  • Intelligent analysis of data for better operational decisions based on necessary information