Research and Development

  • Long-term contractor for the US government sponsored SBIR/STTR advanced R&D programs
  • 15 Phase I awards and 10 Phase II awards
  • Key topics include landing gear analysis, aeroelastics/aeroservoelastics, aircraft ground loads, wind tunnel sting mount hardware design and analysis,¬†active control inceptors, aerial refueling software development and related hardware design and analysis

Advanced Modeling and Simulation

  • Aeroelasticity/aeroservoelasticity
  • Flight control and actuation systems
  • Control law development and handling qualities
  • Structural dynamics and vibration
  • Uncertainty and reliability
  • Finite element modeling
  • Mechanical components and systems
  • Hydraulics modeling, simulation and system design

Design and Analysis

  • Structural design and modification
  • Stress analysis and FEA
  • Familiar with Airbus and Boeing aircraft, methods and tools

Testing and Certification

  • Component testing to flight testing
    • Static load tests
    • Landing gear drop tests and test predictions
    • Ground vibration tests
    • Wind tunnel tests
    • Flight test support
  • Test planning, specification and management
  • Data analysis
  • Certification reporting