About Us

SDI Engineering supports a global client base and offers a diverse range of services through the application of mathematical modeling, simulation and analysis, and niche engineering skills.  

SDI Engineering utilizes commercial software tools including Femap, Patran, NASTRAN, Abaqus, MATLAB, Simulink, Simscape Multibody, Simscape Fluids, SolidWorks, StressCheck and other various programs.  We have also developed our own proprietary software tools under multiple US government SBIR/STTR research and development awards.  

Research and Development

  • Long-term contractor for the US government sponsored SBIR/STTR advanced R&D programs
  • 14 Phase I awards and 9 Phase II awards
  • Key topics include landing gear analysis, aeroelastics/aeroservoelastics, aircraft ground loads, wind tunnel sting mount hardware design and analysis, active control inceptors, aerial refueling software development and related hardware design and analysis

Advanced Modeling and Simulation

  • Aeroelasticity/aeroservoelasticity
  • Flight control and actuation systems
  • Control law development and handling qualities
  • Structural dynamics and vibration
  • Uncertainty and reliability
  • Finite element modeling
  • Mechanical components and systems
  • Hydraulics modeling, simulation and system design

Aeroelastics and Loads Analysis

  • Model build
  • Flight loads and flutter analysis
  • Ground loads analysis
  • Flight and ground vibration test management and support
  • Model validation
  • Certification reporting

Proprietary Software Tools:

  • GearSim:   GearSim Flyer GearSim Software Description Document
    Landing gear analysis and integration at the aircraft and system levels, simulation of landing and takeoff; includes flight controls, propulsion, hydraulic actuation systems, and landing gear subsystems
  • Aerial Refueling:    Aerial Refueling Simulation Flyer
    Hose whip, hose reeling mechanism, probe loads, drogue aerodynamics, and probe/drogue interface

  • ASSURE: 
    Aeroelastics/aeroservoelastics for the prediction of uncertainties and the reliability of systems affecting the dynamic characteristics of advanced flight vehicles