Company Overview

SDI Engineering is a specialist provider of engineering services in the aeronautical, aerospace and other related industries.  The company has over 20 years of support to a range of customers including major aircraft OEMs, their suppliers, and to other small business firms.  The company is also actively involved in the US government’s sponsored SBIR/STTR research and development programs, in various disciplines related to the aeronautical industry.  SDI has supported numerous customers including Boeing, Airbus, Cobham, Atkins Aerospace, US Navy, US Air Force, US Army, NASA, and various small to mid-sized companies.

SDI’s engineering services cover applied areas in aeroelastics including loads and dynamics and flutter; modeling and simulation including finite element modeling; and related advanced R&D activities.  SDI offers additional related capabilities including flight test support, ground vibration testing, and certification reporting.  The company has developed it's own proprietary software tools that can be used for analysis or licensed to outside parties.


The company works closely with several integrated company partners, offering an established and larger team of engineers.  These engineering services can be provided both onsite at the customer, or directly from our office located in Kirkland, Washington.